Autumn Blooms
Product Code 82006800
3.60 x 3.60 inches
9679 stitches
3.31 x 3.65 inches
12,911 stitches
3.80 x 3.08 inches
8844 stitches
3.59 x 2.62 inches
6757 stitches
3.64 x 1.79 inches
6224 stitches
3.80 x 2.16 inches
6487 stitches
3.70 x 2.71 inches
8224 stitches
3.65 x 2.44 inches
4462 stitches
3.23 x 3.69 inches
8435 stitches
3.57 x 3.25 inches
5227 stitches
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This set of fall floral designs was digitized by Betty Henriksen of Cooper's Stitches.
These designs would be great to accent your Autumn projects.  They would work
well on all home decor projects and would be especially pretty on clothing.

Designs can be combined to create beautiful block designs.  Below are some
Designs based on artwork by Clipartoon
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Bed and Bath Decor Set.
This is a great accessory set to
Autumn Blooms.

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