Autumn Splendor
Product Code 820013800
4.85 x 4.26 inches
6283 stitches
4.85 x 4.25 inches
6169 stitches
4.92 x 4.28 inches
7312 stitches
4.83 x 4.76 inches
7287 stitches
4.88 x 4.59 inches
7491 stitches
4.90 x 4.30 inches
8003 stitches
4.99 x 4.25 inches
6390 stitches
4.92 x 5.39 inches
9588 stitches
4.92 x 4.87 inches
11,896 stitches
Actual Stitch Outs
Design Information
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These Fall Designs, which are
stitched over appliqué blocks,
are done completely in the hoop.
There are three appliqué block
designs, two that use three
fabrics and one that uses four
fabrics.  5 x 7 inch hoop is used.

These designs are great for a
quilt, pillows, table cloth or table
runner, place mats or a tote bag.

Autumn Splendor was digitized
by Betty Henriksen.

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