Beautiful Floral Borders
Product Code 82005900
7.08 x 1.54 inches
13,691 stitches
6.99 x 2.10 inches
16,517 stitches
6.98 x 1.84 inches
11,954 stitches
6.99 x 1.98 inches
13,900 stitches
7.04 x 1.66 inches
13,853 stitches
6.95 x 1.59 inches
11,849 stitches
6.95 x 1.51 inches
15,974 stitches
6.98 x 1.84 inches
18,669 stitches
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Floral Motifs
Beautiful Floral
Project Photos
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This Oval Table Runner can be constructed in varying sizes by adding
additional design blocks.  Instructions are included with the design set.
Beautiful Floral Borders was digitized by
Mary Jordan of Cooper's Stitches

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