Beautiful Floral Motifs
Product Code 82005800
3.83 x 1.46 inches
6910 stitches
3.92 x 2.27 inches
11,208 stitches
3.73 x 2.43 inches
8835 stitches
3.86 x 1.69 inches
7075 stitches
3.89 x 2.28 inches
8531 stitches
3.67 x 2.22 inches
10,146 stitches
Beautiful Floral Motifs
was digitized by
Mary Jordan of
Cooper's Stitches.

Designs are based on
artwork from
3.78 x 1.82 inches
9068 stitches
  3.11 x 2.66 inches
11,789 stitches
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Beautiful Floral
Beautiful Floral
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This Oval Table Runner can be constructed in varying sizes by adding
additional design blocks.  Instructions are included with the design set.

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