Black Kitty Summer Fun
Product Code 82009900
4.71 x 5.52 inches
16,270 stitches
5.03 x 5.76 inches
17,771 stitches
4.67 x 4.38 inches
14,556 stitches
4.52 x 5.38 inches
13,434 stitches
4.12 x 5.31 inches
12,426 stitches
4.86 x 6.43 inches
11,863 stitches
4.16 x 5.30 inches
16,711 stitches
Black Kitty is back and ready for some Summer Fun.  Black Kitty enjoys summer
activities, such as camping, going to the beach, barbecues with friends and lazing
around in a hammock.  Black Kitty, however, doesn't care for the water.
This is an appliqué set, digitized for the 5 x 7 embroidery hoop.
Black Kitty Summer Fun completes the Black Kitty Applique Series.

Artwork and digitizing is by Mary Jordan of Cooper's Stitches.
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