Bugs and Flower Blocks - 6 x 6 Designs
Product Code 820010000
Bugs and Flower Blocks is an appliqué set.  
Each design uses either three or four pieces of appliqué material in addition to
the background fabric onto which the block  is appliquéd.  
These designs would be really cute to decorate a baby nursery or child's room.  
They are perfect for a quilt, window valence, pillows and tote bags.

Bugs and Flower Blocks were digitized by Betty Henriksen from artwork by

Designs measure  6.15 x 6.29 inches  (156.20mm x  159.70mm).
Designs in HUS format have been adjusted to 5.91 x 6.04 inches.
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35,422 stitches
32,870 stitches
26,880 stitches
23,080 stitches
22,928 stitches
28,274 stitches
27,283 stitches
26,181 stitches
36,377 stitches
25,665 stitches
24,151 stitches
34,280 stitches

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