Catch a Leaf
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Photos of embroidered designs with appliqué leaves
4.96 6.06 inches
15,888 stitches
4.68 x 5.14 inches
13,689 stitches
5.78 x 4.86 inches
18,269 stitches
5.50 x 4.91 inches
16,213 stitches
5.02 x 5.19 inches
14,842 stitches
4.91 x 5.67 inches
17,801 stitches
5.82 x 4.89 inches
16,759 stitches
4.93 x 6.30 inches
18,514 stitches
4.73 x 5.73 inches
18,616 stitches
4.88 x 5.60 inches
16,368 stitches
Catch a leaf in midair
make a wish, kiss it and
toss it into the wind.
Catch a Leaf is a combination of appliqué leaves and embroidery
leaves and flowers.  Pull out your fall fabrics and threads and create
a beautiful quilt or table cloth.  The designs use the 5 x 7 inch hoop.
Digitizing is by Betty Henriksen of Cooper's Stitches.

Available in ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP and VP3 formats.
Project Photos
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