In-The-Hoop Purse Set - (Large)
5 x 7 Embroidery Hoop Required
Product Code 82007000
Purse Front Designs
Purse  Size  is 6.75 x 4.97 inches
8599 Stitches
9047 Stitches
11,969 Stitches
Purse Pocket Flap Designs
Pocket Flap Size is 6.08 x 2.87 inches
3774 Stitches
4215 Stitches
4407 Stitches
Design Information
In-the-Hoop, except for the fabric strap option, which does require sewing.  The front has a
zipper compartment large enough to hold keys, makeup and a cell phone.  The back pocket
opens to reveal a two slot card holder with a pocket for money.  The pocket flap secures the
pocket in place with velcro.

This purse will make a great gift, or craft fair, item for girls of all ages.

Detailed instructions, with pictures, is included in pdf format.

Set was digitized by Betty Henriksen of Cooper's Stitches.
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Set in 6 x 10
Hoop Size
Purse Design 1 Stitched on Silk
with a chain linked strap
Purse Design 2 Stitched on Linen
Clutch Style without Strap
Purse Design 3 Stitch on Denim
with Fabric Strap
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Purse and
Wallet Set
Each Purse and Wallet Set is $12.50.

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Purse and Wallet Sets
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