In-The-Hoop Purse and Wallet Set
Purse Design Information
Size for all Designs is 6.15 x 8.13 inches
16,876 Stitches
10,358 Stitches
14,261 Stitches
Wallet Design Information
Size for all Designs is 7.75 x 4.29 inches
6418 Stitches
6156 Stitches
6743 Stitches
Purse Back and
Wallet Inside
These In the Hoop Purse and Wallet Sets were digitized by Betty Henriksen of
Cooper's Stitches.

The 6 x 10 inch, or larger, hoop is required.

The back of the purse has a pocket that will hold a cell phone or PDA.  The wallet
inside has a zipper compartment to hold money and four credit card size pockets.

This set would make a great gift item, or craft show item, for girls of all ages.  For
young girls the cell phone pocket can be left off the back of the purse.

Construction of the purse and wallet is done primarily in the hoop.  Some sewing is
required.  Detailed instructions are included with the set.
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ITH Purse Set
Purse and Wallet
Set 1
Purse and Wallet
Set 2
Purse and Wallet
Set 3
Each Purse and Wallet Set is $15.00.

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