Floral Bouquet of Impatiens
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These beautiful flowers don't have to reside only in your garden.  They have been
assembled into various bouquet sizes to accommodate your decorating needs, from a
pillowcase border, embellishment on a garment, tablecloth, quilt, pillow or front of a
tote bag.

These designs can be rotated and combined to create beautiful large blocks which can be
assembled into a stunning quilt or wall hanging.

This design set was created and digitized by Mary Jordan of Cooper's Stitches.
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Examples of Large Blocks
Product Code 82003500
4.71 x 4.30 inches
13,235 stitches
4.93 x 4.29 inches
16,163 stitches
4.78 x 4.86 inches
16,762 stitches
4.93 x 5.21 inches
16.062 stitches
4.35 x 3.58 inches
13,842 stitches
3.90 x 5.01 inches
13,388 stitches
5.02 x 5.06 inches
18,604 stitches
4.99 x 4.78 inches
19,256 stitches
  5.56 x 2.24 inches
9915 stitches
5.56 x 2.24 inches
9924 stitches

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