Turkey Fall and Thanksgiving Set
Product Code 820028200
4.32 x 4.39 inches
18,006 stitches
Gift Box - Coaster Box
4.83 x 4.68 inches
21,460 stitches
Gift Box Side
2.50 x 3.31 inches
3833 stitches
Gift Box Back
4.83 x 3.31 inches
5393 stitches
Gift Box Bottom
4.83 x 2.50 inches
4853 stitches
Cocktail Napkin/Candy Box
5.50 x 4.68 inches
21,934 stitches
Napkin/Candy Box
Back and Sides
5.50 x 3.31 inches
5983 stitches
Napkin/Candy Box
5.50 x 2.75 inches
5606 stitches
This Turkey set is great for entertaining or gift giving.
The set includes the Turkey Coaster, Small Gift or Coaster Box
and a larger Cocktail Napkin or Candy Box.  All  parts are made
completely In the Hoop.
Designed and digitized by Betty Henriksen of Cooper's Stitches.

Available in ART, DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP and VP3 formats.
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This box is perfect to keep the Coasters in.  It is also great to hold a
small gift for a hostess or friend.